Jonathon Miller

Director, Consultant.

Jonathon is co-founder of Bit Trade Australia and is a director of Bit Trade Labs. He holds an honours degree in political economics and runs an indie record label, but exercises the force of his creativity as a blockchain consultant with specialist understanding of product development and blockchain technology. Jonathon is a natural problem solver, a song writer and a ex-full-stack developer with several years of experience creating production-ready applications but you may still see him behind the keyobard on occasion with the Labs team.

Hugo O'Connor

Consultant, Engineer.

Hugo is a screenwriter, an entrepreneur and full stack developer. Hugo has worked on several startups including co-founding Bit Trade Australia and not-for-profit cold pressed juice company Joostice. He has most recently written a white paper on distributed organisational capacity of blockchains (UnionD), and has previously developed an application called ‘Helping Hand’ that allows people to track their emotional well-being, with the help of trusted friends and family. Hugo is a full-stack developer with experience writing in Python, JS & Solidity.

Max Kaye

Consultant, Engineer.

Max is a specialist blockchain engineer. As a contributor to the Ethereum Project (a blockchain contracting system) and founder of Flux, a blockchain voting system and micro-party contesting the Senate. Max has deep experience engineering blockchain solutions and has created several custom applications for digital currency businesses in Australia. He is a back end developer with high level server management and IT experience and consummate knowledge of building production-ready applications in most languages but favours Python and has a penchant for Haskell.

Ted Piotrowski

Chief Engineer.

Ted is a world class engineer and cut his teeth at Atlassian, his rigorous approach to engineering and test driven deveopment is a prerequisite for deploying new technologies such as Blockchain. Ted is a master tinkerer and creates small userful applications in his spare time, mainly to make his life easier but also be cause he likes giving back to the open source community. He is a hyper-proficient programmer with deep experience in Javascript, PHP, C,

David Factor

Chief Experience Officer.

David is a an experience designer and front end specialist with a passion for hiking. He has worked in high profile traditional design media for Landor before transitioning to user experience design for stalwarts Industrie IT. David is thorough and theoretically astute, with an honours degree and University Medal in sociology he has applied his thirst for knowledge to design and holds a strong belief that digital designers should be developers, and that no assumptions should be left unchallenged. David is a deep thinker and has powerful understanding of front end frameworks.

Ronald Tucker

Business Development, Industry Advocate.

Ron Tucker is a blockchain advocate and helped usher in Blockchain technology to Australia more than 36 months ago. Ron believes blockchain is an inevitable and game-changing technology, with unprecedented commercial applications and revenue opportunities now dawning in financial services and other sectors; something he saw coming ahead of the crowd. Ron works with key-stakeholders, from media, to corporate and government in his role as the current chair of the Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association (ADCCA).

Matthew Hawken

General Counsel, Commercial Lawyer.

Matt has a versatile and innovative approach to raising the bar when it comes to digital disruption in the FinTech space. Originally from New Zealand, and having passed the bar himself in London in the early 90’s, Matt has always kept ahead of the curb in both the law and business. He spent the better part of a decade with Westpac after returning from Europe, and most recently served as GC for Franklins. Matt currently advises a number of innovative start-ups and recently made partner at Bit Trade.