Joint Venture

APX Settlement Pty Limited (APXS) is a joint venture between Bit Trade Labs and the Sydney Stock Exchange to develop a blockchain based smart register for real-time issuance and allocation of equity securities. This is the first step towards the objective of building an instantaneous settlement and transfer upon trade (T-based DvP) platform.



BlochExchange is an online platform that allows investors to take fractional ownership of real property assets whilst also providing those investors with access to an agnostic and liquid secondary market for the trade of those property assets. Bit Trade Labs has partnered with BlochExchange to anchor their platform to the blockchain with the ultimate aim of providing participants transparency and trust.



FLUX is a revolutionary voting mechanic, built on blockchain and used by the VoteFlux.org party. FLUX uses a dynamic opportunity cost voting mechanism that facilitates voting allocation, proxy voting and preference swapping. We are working with FLUX to develop the use of the FLUX mechanic in both private and public digital arenas.




A collaboration between several parties, co-ordinated by UWS and EmpowerParramatta, the project seeks to create a smart contract blockchain platform that tracks and fascilitates the generation, storage and consumption of power across the grid between generative and consumptive participants.



A Union is an act of joining together, of sharing an association in common interest. Guilds, co-operatives and friendly societies are examples of traditional representations of these types of organisations (in the broadest sense) in law. We are interested in systemitising and facilitating the orgnisational structure of groups of people sharing common skills and interests using smart contracts and blockchain.


Friendly Society 2.0


Friendly Society 2.0 is a distributed P2P insurance platform. We have designed an infrastructure that allows groups of people to create, join and manage friendly societies - mutualised insurance vehicles on a blockchain. The platform aims to facilitate cost-effective insurance that provide amazing opportunities for secondary markets.